About: Symbiotic is about our increasing dependency on technology, a distopian parable where humans are enslaved and employed to maintain quasi-organic war machines that endlessly compete for territory and resources. Also a love story.

Inspiration: Planet of the Apes, Jurassic Park, Terminator, Romeo & Juliet.

Get fruit buzzed.
Observe girl bathing.
Forced collar at certain age or extinguished.
Mechs fight.
Girl Free.
Forced to breed with other mech female slaves
Drink from lake.
Control collar.
Reverse control over machines?
Scavenge bits.
bot brain trasnfers like hermet crab into new shell.
Useful stuff just out of reach (collar block) 
Stone skipping.
Already free get assigned to lady mech (he has no joy, but just as he starts to make an impression... / but is traded with another mech as a breeder.)
Bored waiting while mechs recharge.

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